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What is Cryotherapy?

Woman in cryosauna booth for whole body cryotherapy.

Would you like to take a dip in an ice bath? Did you know that exposing your body to freezing temperatures for a short time can reduce pain in your aching joints, boost your weight loss and improve your skins look? At BluFit Recovery and Nutrition, we believe Cryotherapy can help you reduce inflammation, expedite recovery and get your weight loss back on track.

Welcome to cryotherapy!

Many big celeb names are into cryotherapy. Soccer star Ronaldo just revealed the secret of his success at scoring goals:  Chilling at home in his personal “ice box” cryotherapy chamber. He lies in it for three minutes every day and comes out feeling not only rejuvenated but fit as a fiddle.

Cryotherapy is the practice of cold-treating your muscles with temperatures as low as -160C to ignite a process of muscle regeneration and stimulation of the immune system.

3-minute sessions

Athletes and other health-conscious people can sit in a cryotherapy booth for up to 3 minutes at a time.

Some people take cryotherapy facials, which targets the face, nose, cheeks, and mouth while other target specific areas such an aching joint.

Featured at Blufit Recovery

Cryotherapy is being featured nationally on media and touted by celebrities as one of the best ways to boost mood, improve your skin tone and lose weight. Its also touted as an excellent way to treat athletic injuries.

As cryotherapy continues to remain a lifestyle to many people, and with fitness enthusiasts and athletes leading at the forefront, some people have made it part of their health and beauty routine, to regain a youthful appearance as well as boosting their mood and well being. And with more research being done all the time, expect to discover a broader range of benefits and applications.

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